Shipped My First Ember Production App In A Month

Today we shipped Crowdfire which we’ve been working on since a month. The dashboard is completely written in Ember using Ember CLI and deployed to Amazon S3 keeping it totally independent of the backend.

To give you more context, I joined Crowdfire (formerly JustUnfollow) team in the mid-December last year. Our immediate goal for 2015 was to rebrand and more importantly to rewrite the existing web interface which was serving our users since past 5 years.

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Freshers guide to get a tech job in startups

There has been spike in no. of tech startups in the ecosystem since past few years, which is certainly a good sign but, Unfortunately there aren’t enough good developers available to take this opportunity especially in Mumbai. Besides, We’ve talented freshers coming out but they’ve no idea what are the requirement of startups and how do they earn a job.

I’ve complied some points from my experience in working with startups. Following these will not only cultivate an urge for being a good developer but also give some brownie points in startups hiring process.

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3 steps to Vim from Sublime Text 2

I’ve been using Sublime Text 2 for quite a while now and really enjoy spending my most of the time playing around code with it. Since I have a PHP background (where I used to code on Netbeans) I was not motivated to use on Terminal based editors. However, I gave a try to switch to Vim a few months back but the situation was too much demanding at that time. I was learning a couple of other new technologies where I didn’t want them to suffer/compromise and avoided one more constraint on my brain to use Vim. Continue reading “3 steps to Vim from Sublime Text 2”

My Experience With In50hrs Pune Event

Earlier last week I was checking out Hacker News (as what I follow religiously). I stumbled upon on an article which took my interest India has a drought – not of Investors, but Customers it was a great read. As the guy who wrote this was Indian I decided to do some research and get a background who is he and what he does. The result was stunning, Continue reading “My Experience With In50hrs Pune Event”