I'm an entrepreneur and a full-stack self taught developer. I like working with problems and try to solve them in simplest possible way. I build products for businesses & help them become better at what they do.

I'm also main organiser of Mumbai Javascript Meetup and Mumbai Ruby Meetup.

What I've built

  • React Multiple Datepicker - A date picker component to enable users to pick more than one date without selecting a date range.
  • React Native Sleek Loading Indicator - A sleek looking loading indicator for React Native (not actively maintained).
  • Active Admin Sidekiq Stats - A gem to integrate Sidekiq state in ActiveAdmin.
  • Stickmatic - Lets you convert your Instagram pictures to Fridge Magnets (Quite interesting, isn't it?).
  • Saasflow - News curation site for software as a service.
  • GraphQLRails - Ebook for learning how to implement GraphQL with Ruby on Rails. (work in progress)
  • MetricsInbox - Humanize friendly analytics reports based on Google Analytics without any complexity (work in progress)

Find me on the internet

I'm mostly "bilalbudhani" every where on the internet. Some of the places you should follow me are:

Some of the companies I've helped in the past are SupportBee.com, Embibe.com, Crowdfire, BigBinary and Kiprosh

I was awarded as young entrepreneur of the year 2013