About Me

Hi, I'm Bilal Budhani, From Mumbai, India 🇮🇳.

I'm an entrepreneur and a full stack engineer with a passion for building software products. I graduated from college with a finance degree but my sheer interest in computers lead me to becoming a self-taught engineer. I have been building software products since 2007 starting with PHP & Visual FoxPro (good old days).

Technologies I primarily use these days

  • Ruby & Ruby on Rails
  • Javascript (React + Vue)
  • PostgreSQL
  • Ubuntu (server deployments)

Right now I'm working on Flowboard - A SaaS product for artist and talent management agencies.

I like attending conferences & meetups, usually because, I get to meet a lot of like minded people. I also run Mumbai Javascript Meetup & Mumbai Ruby Meetup respectively in my city.

Side Projects

Find me on the internet

I'm mostly "bilalbudhani" every where on the internet. Some of the places you should follow me are:

Some of the companies I have worked with SupportBee.com, Embibe.com, Crowdfire, BigBinary and Kiprosh

I was awarded as young entrepreneur of the year 2013