About Me

I’m Bilal Budhani, an award winning Entrepreneur, full stack developer, technology evangelist, and conference speaker. I’ve been creating web products for almost a decade now – was fortunate enough to work with a bunch of startups at various scale and did a couple of my own. I'm passionate about building products, talking about technologies, sharing knowledge, learning new skills and applying them.

I'm self-employed and available for hire as a consultant. Right now I'm helping my clients with React, React Native, Javascript and Ruby On Rails.

I've done my graudation from Mumbai University and worked with Recommend.ly, SupportBee.com, Embibe.com, Crowdfire, BigBinary and more.

Though I'm entirely focused on Javascript nowadays, I've significant amount of experience with Ruby, Rails, Heroku, DevOps, Databases (PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB), Technical Content Writing etc. I also organize local meetup groups for Javascript Mumbai Chapter & Ruby Mumbai Chapter.

Feel free to say hi to me @BilalBudhani