Hi there,

I’m Bilal Budhani, an award winning Entrepreneur, Self-taught developer, MVP Expert and a technology enthusiast. I’ve been working on software products for almost a decade now. I’ve worked for a bunch of startups at various scale & had run a couple of my own. I enjoy writing software & building great products for myself & for my clients.

Currently, I run Codeinfuse.com a dev consulting shop specialized in Javascript & Ruby, where I help other entrepreneurs with technical expertise & process of building products. You can get in touch with me if you’re interested in hiring my services.

Though, I’ve done my graduation in Finance but never found my true interest in that field. Instead, I took a job in a local IT company writing Visual FoxPro (Yes! you read it right).

I’m a full stack developer but I enjoy writing Ruby secretly (let this be our secret, okay?). I also run a local meetup group for Javascript & Ruby in Mumbai, India.

Products/Companies I was fortunate to be a part of

  1. AdsHub.net
  2. Tickmatic.in
  3. ValuePitch Services Pvt. Ltd.
  4. Recommend.ly Inc
  5. SupportBee Inc
  6. Whatsnew.io
  7. Embibe.com
  8. Crowdfire Inc (Previously Justunfollow.com)
  9. BigBinary LLC

Around The Internet:

You can get in touch with me at [email protected]