I’m Bilal Budhani, a full stack developer and entrepreneur from Mumbai, India. I've been building products for over a decade now. I'm a self-taught software engineer with a degree in finance :). Currently, I'm the co-founder & CTO of Kiprosh.com, we're aiming to build a great culture & help our clients to solve interesting problems effectively.

I'm passionate about business, engineering & design. Hence, I'm always fiddling around with these skills to create value either for my clients or applying them to my side projects.

Moreover, I also enjoy organizing tech meetups in my city. I run Mumbai Ruby Meetup and Mumbai Javascript Meetup with other amazing co-organizers.

I often share life updates, engineering tips & other stuff which I find interesting on Twitter, some time on my blog & occasionally on Instagram. I do contribute to open source at Github as and when time permits.

Over the past decade I've got a chance to work with some great organisations, here are they:

and was fortunate to bootstrap my own company www.codeinfuse.com (now acquired by Kiprosh).

I was awarded as young entrepreneur of the year 2013

Side projects:

  • Stickmatic - Lets you convert your Instagram pictures to Fridge Magnets (Quite interesting, isn't it?).
  • Saasflow - News curation site for software as a service.
  • GraphQLRails - Ebook for learning how to implement GraphQL with Ruby on Rails. (work in progress)
  • MetricsInbox - Humanize friendly analytics reports based on Google Analytics without any complexity (work in progress)

When I'm away from my computer, I love to spend time with my lovely wife & my adorable daughter.

Feel free to reach out to me at this domain if you need me.