Star Young Entrepreneur of the year 2013
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Star Young Entrepreneur of the year 2013

Expect the unexpected and whenever possible be the unexpected

As you might know I'm crazy about quotes and I try to correlate my each blog post with them. The above mentioned quote is perfectly fits for this one.

At this point, I'm very Young Entrepreneur who have just begun my Entrepreneurship journey 3 months back with my idea which I called 'AdsHub' also with a vision to create a dent in the universe, I'll talk about this in detail but in some other blog post. Today, I'm writing this post to share my delightful experience of getting awarded as Star Young Entrepreneur of the year 2013 by 6th Indira India Innovation Summit.

A month back from now I received an email from the officials of the event stating

May I request to confirm your presence and graciously agree to accept the award in person at the “6th Indira International Innovation Summit 2013”.
I couldn't believe at first that this is something happening with me that too at such an early stage. I controlled my excitement from bursting, didn't shared this news with anyone with a hypothesis that it may be false or I interpreted it wrong and wrote an email back confirming. After, receiving a positive reply I jumped out of my seat and shouted in crazy manner to all my colleagues informing them about the award.

Venue was far from my place (Mumbai) i.e Pune, but I was least bothered about the travelling part, Crossing all the hurdles I reached the venue on time. It was a grand event (at least for me) where I was called as 'Awardee' first time in my life. Remarkable hospitality and even more remarkable arrangements. After, giving away awards to 3 categories which was before mine. I was called on the stage with other Entrepreneurs who were awarded in the same category. Being in nervous state (which you can gauge by looking in the video below) but, Somehow I manage to utter some words on the stage, Below is my speech (taken from my Samsung galaxy S2 so excuse the quality)

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Concluding the post, It was such a powerful capsule for early Entrepreneur like me that amplified my motivations and made my vision more strong. My year started with something very awesome... I hope this is just the start there are lot more opportunities calling me to tap them and I'll try my level best to do so.