One Year Of Self-Employment
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One Year Of Self-Employment

One Year Of Self-Employment

Last year in March I quit my full-time job at BigBinary without zeroing down what I'll do next.

I had a bunch of not so concrete ideas in my mind which I thought would be worth exploring and with full-time, on my hand, I would be able to give a fair attempt to them. Overall, The idea behind quitting my job was to figure out what I want to spend my next 5 years working on.

To begin with, it was not easy to quit, BigBinary is the best employer I ever had a pleasure to work with. Open source culture, brilliant team, remote first, full autonomy and complete transparency across the company. To be honest, these are hard to find attributes in a company where I come from. Throughout the time I was working with the company I was never felt underwhelmed.

Almost immediately after I quit, I decided to join my old tech friends as a solo consultant as they were gearing up to help India's prime matrimony site to migrate to React from legacy PHP. This turned out to be an immense learning experience on a humongous codebase and rewarding at the same time.

Since then I have been helping numerous startups & companies with their technology stack & product development.

Fortunately, while consulting with a company here in Mumbai I realised a problem we're solving for them would be big enough to be solved for the whole industry. Hence, I decided to run this through the client for whom we've been solving the problem and surprisingly, he shared the same beliefs. After few meetings, We decided to double down & convert this into SaaS product. And, you know what else? The client is now an investor! (Achievement unlock?) Life works in weird ways.

Also, Sometime later last year, I decided to give it a proper name and hence, Neev Labs was initialised. I'm aiming to bootstrap a company where we can work with interesting clients and build impactful SaaS products with a healthy work environment.

Finally, I would like to conclude this post on a note

A lot has happened last year, and a lot is about to happen. Stay tuned!