5 React Native Open Source Projects To Learn From
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5 React Native Open Source Projects To Learn From

5 React Native Open Source Projects To Learn From

Best way to learn writing software is to read open source code — Every Senior Programmer.

Reading open source code is the best and effective way to tech yourself to write
better code, especially if the tool is fairly new or the standards around that
tool is still evolving. ReactNative
is a perfect candidate for such a tool. It is under constant iteration cycle
with APIs evolving with every release, Massive pool of libraries to chose from
and very limited list of resources on how to move beyond getting started
guides. Even otherwise, It is always a best practice to read open source code
every now and than.

Here is my handpicked list of 5 open source projects which I personally follow:

  1. HackerNews-React-Native

This project demonstrate a lightweight implementation of HackerNews app in
ReactNative. It ramps you up on how to interact and build a full fledge app
using components provided by the framework without getting into complex
architectural know-how.

2. Snowflake

Snowflake rather than an app; It is a step-by-step guide to onboard you on react
native mindset. It has a detailed explanation and video screencast on each step
to make sure don’t lose a bit. I personally recommend going through this
project if you’re looking for deep dive into ReactNative.

3. React-Native-NW-React-Calculator

A Calculator which works across platforms (Web / Mac App / Mobile) with single
codebase. No, I ain’t joking. This projects showcases true power of ReactJS when
blended with ReactNative. It also teaches you how to architect your codebase to
reach its potential. This is one of my personal favorite.

4. React-Native-NBA-App

From this ReactNative app you could possibly learn *tons *of things. Mainly, UI
components implementation. This is one of the closest ReactNative implementation
in contrast with native. Also, It follows a very good code structuring pattern
which is worth looking at.

5. FinanceReactNative

Finance App is a good resource to learn how to deal with third party apis,
displaying around numbers, Charts and other crucial data. Majority of the apps
deals with above mentioned aspects in them. Which makes this project a part of
this list.

Bonus: Facebook’s F8 Conference App

UPDATE: Facebook open sourced their F8 conference ReactNative app just after I
wrote this blog post. This app is by the creators of ReactNative itself, that
makes it worth mentioning in the blog post.

**P.S: Awesome ReactNative
is a curated list of all other cool open source things. :)