3 resources to crack the art of learning something new

These are the lists of resources I read/watch before I begin learning something entirely new. I hope it helps you.

I’m always fascinated by the thrill of learning something new. It adds enormous value to my mental and physical being. It even helps me see things from a different perspective and shapes my overall thinking process in an impactful manner.

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Freshers guide to get a tech job in startups

There has been spike in no. of tech startups in the ecosystem since past few years, which is certainly a good sign but, Unfortunately there aren’t enough good developers available to take this opportunity especially in Mumbai. Besides, We’ve talented freshers coming out but they’ve no idea what are the requirement of startups and how do they earn a job.

I’ve complied some points from my experience in working with startups. Following these will not only cultivate an urge for being a good developer but also give some brownie points in startups hiring process.

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